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Hey guys! I hope your holidays are going well :3

Anyway, I'm just here to let you guys know about some changes that we've made to the group and its galleries.

You will notice that when you're submitting the first folder to appear on the drop-down menu is no longer the "Featured" folder but instead it's a folder called "WRONG FOLDER - PLEASE SELECT RIGHT ONE" and that's because, at times, things get submitted to the wrong folder and it just helps us to keep it organized if there's a reminder for when you're submitting to double-check which folder you're submitting to.

The next folder after that is "Kurama only and submit all pairings to faves" - Please submit Kurama only to this folder and we'll move that work ourselves to the featured folder afterward so that it still can be featured on the home page. The rest of that title is there to remind you of the next change we made to the gallery.

We no longer accept any kind of pairing or implied pairings to this group. The reason for this is because we found a solution to bring back the Kurama-only aspect to the group that it originally had. Instead, we've created folders in the group's faves specifically for all kinds of different pairings so that it can still be part of the group in some way. You'll find that there's folders for Kurama x OC, Kurama x Canon YYH female characters, Kurama x male characters and Kurama x Crossover (as well as cosplay, fanfiction and fancomic folders) in our faves. And you can also submit as much as you want - there is no submission limit and it's also automatically approved ^_^

Since cosplay is usually pretty much general for the most part, you can still continue to submit Kurama/other character cosplays in that folder. If it's implied as a ship, please submit it to the folder in the faves :3 Same with fanfiction and fancomics - we'd like to keep those as general Kurama or YYH featuring Kurama (and secondary pairings in the background are okay if it's canon such as Yusuke/Keiko).

As for the Kurama & Friends/Groups folder, it's exactly as the title says. Please continue to submit anything that is not a pairing or implied pairing there. General crossovers, like grouping Kurama in with your favourite anime characters are okay as well as Kurama cosplaying as another character.

The only exception for pairings is for any future contests as it's always been allowed for those.

We've already gone ahead and moved everything to the faves so you're free to start submitting things there from now on ^__^
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Submitted on
December 27, 2010