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Edit: August 24, 2015 Changes were made to the gallery to bring it back as it was before the group conversion, as Kurama only :)

Edit: October 2, 2010 Changes were made in regards to following deviantART's policies, which you can read about on the end of this blog entry. More groups have been acknowledging these rules and policies, so therefore we will here as well :3 Anything that has used official YYH images have been removed from the gallery and we will decline submissions from this point on.

r u l e s
:: You only need to be a fan of Kurama, Youko or both characters and show your support!
:: Be courteous to each other. No bashing.
:: Follow the deviantART rules.
:: Put our icon in your journal or signature so that more potential members can know about us! The code for this is :*iconkuramalovers: or :*devkuramalovers: without the * Or you can use the group widget displayed on your deviantART page.

j o i n i n g
:: Click on "Join Group" on the home page. There, you will be able to request to be a member.

s u b m i t t i n g
:: The group is Kurama only
:: To submit: You can click on the option on the "Home" page, or you can go to the "Gallery" and go into the specific folder in which you want to submit something. Click the option "Submit To This Gallery". and don't forget to choose the appropriate folder in which you want to submit your piece.
:: There are folders for specific categories. Please be sure to check them out in the gallery. There's a description in each folder that tells you what goes in there. Be sure to place your submission in the one that suits best. If your submission gets declined, it's most likely because it's been submitted to the wrong folder. Please re-submit it in the proper one.
:pointr: Submission limit: each member may submit 3 deviations per day.

f a v o u r i t e s
:: Anyone is allowed to suggest any favourites for the group that is Kurama-related.
:: All Kurama pairings/implied pairings and original characters are to be submitted to the faves. There are specific folders for these and there is not submission limit. Other miscellaneous things like crafts and graphics that aren't Kurama only and Kurama with Groups/other characters also go to the favourite folders.

a f f i l i a t e s
:: We'll affiliate with any club/group! Just send the request. If your club is still on a regular account, just send a note or leave a comment!

In regards to submissions to the group, we strongly follow these deviantART rules, which you can click on each link to read:

FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?

We no longer allow things like wallpapers, photo manipulations, manga colorings, icons, and other graphics that uses official work from the Yu Yu Haksuho anime and manga or other artists and has NO proof of written permission from the respective artists.

FAQ #572: What does DeviantArt consider "Fan Art" to be?

We highly recommend and encourage you to always give proper credit to Yoshihiro Togashi and any other owners of references in which you used for your artwork. dA considers it to be "good etiquette to credit your source." Line art and resources created by others used in your images is fine as long as you have received permission from that person to use their line arts and credit is given to valid stock resources.

Please keep dA's definition of fan art when creating what you hope to be "fan art."

For now, we will continue to allow vectors because currently, those still have their own submission categories. We'll continue to accept things made with official images if it's deviantART stamps, memes, desktop screenshots, pictures of merchandise, or something you have hand crafted.



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